Learn how to apply the MLAB principles to your life in just one day

This 5 hour workshop will teach you practical tools and a theoretical framework on how to build more strength and resilience in your nervous system in order to improve performance in every aspect of life.

MOVE: The most essential function of human life

If you improve how well you move, you improve everything. The workshop approaches movement from a playful and expressive perspective and provides practical tools to help you assess and improve on movement imbalances, range of motion and body awareness.

LIFT: The ability to take charge of what goes where

Gravity is one of the most powerful kinds of input to our human system, learning to use this powerful trigger will allow you excel to new levels of mental and physical strength. The workshop will teach you how to safely and properly use strength training as a tool of self-development.

ACT: The awareness to control your actions and own your results

Mindset is the foundation of everything. This workshop teaches you how mental training works from a physiological perspective and how you can train your mind to be more focused and more in charge of your actions and thus any result in your life.

BREATHE: Breath is the remote control of your nervous system

Breathing is the most important thing you do. This workshop provides simple breathing applications to modulate the state of your nervous system to optimise physical performance and life in general.


OCTOBER 14th 2018 – SOLD OUT!




Important information:

  • The workshop will be taught in ENGLISH. For Dutch participants we will be able to answer questions in Dutch and translate any part of the workshop you don’t fully get. Also, next to the 2 main instructors we will have 4 Dutch speaking coaches available.
  • The workshop will be taught by Kasper and Frank van der Meulen.
  • Be present at the location at least 15 minutes before start time for registration.
  • Parking space is limited, please come by public transport if at all possible.
  • Arrive in workout gear / sports clothes. We will be moving the whole day!
  • Have a solid breakfast beforehand and bring only some light snacks and a water bottlee to the workshop. There will be frequent breaks but no big lunch moment (no fun moving around with a full stomach)
  • Please notify us about any injuries or other ailments beforehand.

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